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What's Scrumvee

Briefly put, a tool built by developers, for developers. A platform for Agile teams where accuracy, transparency, tracking and metrics are paramount.

Global teams? You're covered!

Two developers in Berlin, one in Seattle and another two in Bucharest? Use Scrumvee for real engagement.

JIRA Integration

Create your sprint in JIRA and you can select them in Scrumvee to receive estimations from team members. Even better, the story points are automatically saved back to JIRA.

Scrum estimations: Origins

Having real, uninfluenced estimations sent by your fellow team members... priceless. Receiving and centralizing story estimations is our core feature.

Run it everywhere

iOS, Android, all devices are welcomed! Yes, even Windows Phone, but hey, browser only version, OK? Download our app, it's FREE!

Stats, leaderboard

At the end of a planning you'll get some cool metrics and charts that'll help the whole team improve over time. And with the Leaderboard, your team will get more engaged during the planning.

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About Us

Bluechip Computers Srl was established in Romania in 2003, as a software development company.
We are now focused on developing our own web and mobile applications.

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